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Karya : John Moron

I’ve heard about a phrase that says that our mouth is our dagger.

Yet I haven’t fully understood until now.

Now that I’ve met the most people in my whole 18-year-life experience.

I now realize that we have the freedom to speak but so little of us who actually think before speaking.

So little of us who actually think about the content of our sentences.

So little of us who actually care about other people’s feelings.

Worse, there are so many of us who easily destroy other people’s ideas, dreams, and opinions by saying mean things and judgements.

I am in awe. I really am.

Knowing people that say someone’s ideas won’t happen in front of public.

As if they know for sure that that person will not be taken seriously.

What’s wrong with people?

What’s wrong with manners?

What’s wrong with being kind?:)

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