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Being alive

Being alive

These days, I realized that being alive is a big responsibility for those who have it.

It’s cruel to see other people struggling to live the life that I have for almost 18 years.

Crazy isn’t it?

I’m here being healthy and complaining about my pimples while beside me there’s someone who is actually struggling to inhale the oxygen.

All the life that I thought wasn’t so precious turned upside down when I saw these people

I feel like I want to live to the fullest

This is my only chance, I won’t get this chance twice or more.

I want to try harder and probably the hardest that I can

Life is something that is so precious I can’t :(

I want to tell all of you that everyone’s life is precious never ruin it for your own greed. it makes me feel uncomfy to see people judging other people just because they want to:( its bad. Life is not something you can play with! It’s a gift from god that we all should appreciate, whether it’s yours, mine, or others. be considerate to other people eventhough you haven’t been treated the same way. It’s okay to start something good.

In fact, it’s totally okay. Like so okay. So just be kind.

Penulis : Johm Moron

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