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Something is not going right, lately

It doesn’t seem like normal and work like usual

I keep feeling like an empty hole inside of me

And, for as long as I can remember I’ve always had this void in me


It leaves me feeling so empty and down

Like I’m missing something somehow

Something that’s a big part of me

Something that closely related to me

But I don’t know what it is?


I let it pass through day by day

But, it consumes me, it eats me

These thoughts tend to hit me late at night

Please tell me, how do I escape?

How do I fill this void inside me?

What’s the answer – travelling, religion, family?

I’ve tried everything – hang out with friends, share laugh, do something fun

But, no matter how hard I try, it never seems to be enough


Lately, I just now understand

It isn’t easy being far from home.

Things feel different, look different, and they even smell different

Home, it’s more than just a building

It’s a bunch of people with memories

It’s a place where you become you

No doubt you feel every day you wake up

Home, is a place where it calms you


As I pack up to move

I know that my perception of home will change in alter everyday

But, I also know that home will always be a place I grow up to

And, it always heal every time I go back ..


Oleh: diahdwil

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Coretan Teknik

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